All young people consulted with during the inspection were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences. They said: ‘Things have got 100% better for me since coming here. It’s so beneficial me being here. It’s taught me so much. I don’t want to leave.’
— Ofsted, October 2018

“The learners are articulate and engage in the learning positively” Ofsted, January 2017

Young people are now expected to remain in learning until they are 18. This does not just mean staying in school - young people could: 

  • Attend a college

  • Start a course of work-based learning

  • Get a job

  • Do voluntary work

  • Be supported by Social Services/Social Care and Health/Children’s Service

The choices available post-16 will be subject to local authority funding.

Teaching and learning are highly individualised and based on secure initial assessments of learners’ needs and learning characteristics
— Ofsted, January 2017

At Wilds Lodge around half of the cohort of Year 11 students will access the post-16 provision into Year 12 and beyond due to the local colleges being unable to meet their needs. The other students will return home to access college, employment or apprenticeships locally.

We also accept both day and boarding students (we currently only offer boarding for male students) that have not completed their education within Wilds Lodge into the provision and will build an individualised programme to work towards their aspirations. All our students will have an Education and Health Care Plan.


Wilds Lodge work with local colleges to provide links and support transitions.

The success of our students moving on from Wild Lodge can be seen below:

Post 16 Leavers:

Norwich City College, Level 1 Hospitality/ Catering

Colchester Institute, Steps Programme

York St John University, Marketing and Management Degree with Foundation Year

Rathbone Mentor / Longer term support Programme

Year 11

Myerscough College, Level 3 Edexcel Diploma Motorsport

Bourne 6th form, A Levels

Loughborough College, Level 3 Art and Design

Market Deeping, YPLP Study Programme/ Supported Internship

Grantham College, Level 1 Public Services

Northampton College, Moving On Programme

Park House School, Peterborough

Year 11 moving up to P16 for 1 year transition with plans next year:

Student A moving on to Peterborough Regional College Supported Internship next year

Student B moving on to YEP, Leicester Music Technology Level 1 next year

Student C (Year 10 taking exams a year early) to improve grades and taking computer science A Level

Student D moving on to Stamford College Pathways course.

Wilds Lodge post-16 provision has been in place for many years and offers a range of courses and opportunities from the more vocational through to the more academic. We use links with local provisions in Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire. We also work with colleges further afield to support students working to transition back into their local area. This enables community links and friendships to be built over time and a slow and steady transition back into the home environment with the support of school staff. Please visit our Education page for more details of the courses we offer at Wilds Lodge.


Some of our previous/current external links

Brooksby Melton College

Stamford College

Melton Vale

The Hub, Melton

The Venue, Melton

Peterborough Regional College

The relationships between the staff and pupils are excellent. The pupils know the staff are there for them and are very comfortable seeking support and nurture from the staff
— Ofsted, January 2017


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