Our Computer Aided Design Workshop


Innovative and cutting edge technology provides an onsite workplace environment for older students to access.

Senior leaders are very focused on providing the highest quality of care for pupils. They are aspirational and are always looking to improve their work. As a result, the pupils’ needs are always at the centre of plans and of practice. The care provided by all members of staff is outstanding.
— Ofsted, January 2017

 Since Summer 2018, the school have been working on their newest addition to the site, the Computer Aided Design workshop, and home to Wild Design. Taking inspiration from the surrounding beauty of Rutland, Wild Design aims to create incredible products using the best available technology.

With products to create, inventory to manage, a fully operational online store and marketing activity, the students spend time at Wild Design on a work experience basis. They get to see the inner workings of a business and understand what it takes to be a successful company - mainly hard work - in order to prepare themselves for future work placements.

Wild Design is committed to creating quality products and quality prices, but more importantly, aim to create better futures for children who need a helping hand.